Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter Two

This morning I read Chapter Two, "You Might Not Finish This Chapter," for the first time. Before I read it, I had this blog post planned based on how controversial sounding the first chapter's title had been and how interestingly controversial the second chapter's title sounded. I was going to ask you to mark the places where you might have chosen to stop reading, so we could discuss those on Sunday. That was, after all, what I thought that title alluded to.

Then I read the chapter. So much for that idea. (If you haven't read the chapter yet, you'll understand when you do.)

If you heard David's sermon yesterday, you probably heard that he would like every adult small group Bible study to have a local mission project. This morning I looked at the list in his handout and was not overwhelmingly hit by one screaming, "This one's for you!" Did anyone else? Or do you know of something else we could do? Frankly, my goal would be more than one per year, but I'm retired with grown kids so......

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